What is this?
Sometime in mid-2004 I had an idea for a party. The premise was this:
  1. Invite a bunch of 'music people.'
  2. Write names of all participants on slips of paper, which are then folded and placed in a bowl.
  3. Draw 'Bands' of a predetermined number from the bowl, at which point they are to descend into the basement, where they will have exactly one hour to write and record a song.

This website contains the results of five such parties, and in addition to being very embarrassing for all those involved, the intent is to encourage people in other locales to host similar parties and submit the results. That would be spectacular.

In the meantime, you can read the latest evolution of the rules here, or click any of the links below to peruse the results.

1. 11.13.2004 in Ann Arbor
2. 4.9.2005 in Ann Arbor
3. 4.1.2006 in Ann Arbor
4. 4.19.2008 in Ferndale
5. 10.18.2008 in Oak Park