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"Stars of Stage and Screen"

     IT'S HERE! The Pop Project's Stars of Stage and Screen album is finally available, and that is a very good thing. This thing took 4 years to make! It was recorded with Andy Thompson (Puffy Ami Yumi, Andy Sturmer, Dan Wilson, Robert Skoro), and features some nifty art courtesy of Jon Gray, and Trevor Naud. Disc also contains a "making of" documentary featurette.

1. "Secondary Players"  
2. "Totally Awesome"  
3. "Coerce"  
4. "Never Got The Breaks"  
5. "Another Kind Of Love"  
6. "Hearts And Flowers"  
7. "The Longest Time"  
8. "Stand In"  
9. "House Of Books"  
10. "Not The One"  
11. "Someone Who Would Understand"  
12. "You've Won The Lottery"  

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The Pop Project

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