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"Self Titled"

     SSM's second release. This CD and Red Shirt Brigade's first EP (SSM001) were originally concieved as a split CD, but those never work out quite right, so they became seperate releases. Audio nerds: This was recorded in Chicago at Kingsize Sound by Ken Sluiter.

Basement-cleaning Special:

You can now buy SSM's first three releases (This EP, SSM001, and SSM003) as one package for just five dollars (Save seven bucks!). Click below to take advantage:

1. "Hey, Nice Sweatpants"  
2. "Grammar or Gravity?"  
3. "Seahorses, Compact Cars"  
4. "Your Union Rep"  
5. "Don't Forget the Turn Signal"  
6. "Ken Doesn't Want to Type"  

Wednesday, May 7th
The Kickstand Band, Calliope Musicals, Static Dial
@ The Berkley Front (Berkley, Michigan)
18+, Doors at 9PM