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"Desktop 2"


"Desktop EP"

September 11th
What up doggs! Just hanging out here in the year 2013, nbd. JAVELINS have new music! It comes in the form of a really nice 7 inch record, and has two new songs. Really nice, really fun, really cool, really friendly, really strong. All of the things you've come to expect from the Javelins dudes. You want to pre-order it? Well, just click here to pre-order it in the Quack store. - Zach C.

June 10th
Hello. Welcome to our home page on the net. The Kickstand Band have been slamming and jamming all over lately to support their debut, Puppy Love. They also made a video for "Still Thinking Of You Tonight," which you can watch by clicking THIS LINK HERE. Would you like to read some positive reviews of Puppy Love? You do? Well then, click here, and here. - Zach C.