Suburban Sprawl Music

     Suburban Sprawl Music is an independent record label and musical collective started in 1999 by Erik Koppin in Livonia, MI. Erik ran the label until 2004, when real life came calling. Adam Kempa then picked up the slack, and with the help of his 20-or-so closest friends, Suburban Sprawl Music continued to thrive. In December 2007, we merged with Ann Arbor's Quack!Media, who are the most delightful of baby daddies. No DIY worries though, we're still running things around here, jerk.

     The obvious budget restraints associated with running an independent label have been well documented elsewhere (read up on SST, dude), so let's just say we don't have a liberal demo policy. Like many other small labels around the world, Sub Sprawl is community based and focuses solely on the artists already involved. Does that mean you shouldn't send anything? No way! If your band is sweet, we might drink some beers, play some shows, and watch the Pistons together. Maybe after all of that, a record could come out. Way!

Buds, shows and Pistons come first though. Sorry.

Sea of Japan

Sea of Japan
"Black Out the Stars"


"Admiral Airwave 7 Inch"

Wednesday, May 7th
The Kickstand Band, Calliope Musicals, Static Dial
@ The Berkley Front (Berkley, Michigan)
18+, Doors at 9PM